Turn Down The Sound

World Health Organization:

Excessive Noise is a Public Health Hazard 


Excessive Noise:

  • Leads to hearing loss, heightened blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and sleep disruption 
  • Increases feelings of fear, stress, anxiety and anger
  • Promotes violent thoughts and actions
  • Causes increased accidents (pedestrian and auto)
  • Results in reduced productivity and learning
  • Reduces property value and degrades social and learning environments with corresponding economic losses


Turn Down the Sound Goals Are To:

  • Increase public awareness of the harmful effects of excessive noise 
  • Promote behaviors that reduce the negative impact of noise on public health 
  • Generate demand for better quality listening devices


The Noise Level is Dangerous When:

  • You must raise your voice to be heard.
  • You can’t hear conversation with someone 3 feet away from you.
  • You have pain or ringing in your ears (called ‘tinnitus’) after exposure to the noise.
  • Speech around you sounds muffled or dull after you leave the noisy area.


How To Protect Yourself?

  • Turn down the sound
  • Walk away from loud noise
  • Wear hearing protection