Kathlyn Maguire


Kathlyn Maguire is the founder of Empowerment Through Hearing, an organized effort to increase awareness of issues relating to hearing loss.

She has an extensive background in public relations, most recently as Vice President of Atwood International in New York City. In the 80's, she served as Manager of Media Relations at Perrier during it's introduction to the U.S.

Having had a significant hearing loss for most of her life, Ms. Maguire is uniquely qualified to talk about the hardships of communicating with others in the hearing world.

"I was in denial for 40 years" she said, "much too embarrassed and frightened to admit that I had this condition and that hearing aids didn't seem to work for me."

Hearing loss is often perceived as elder-age-related when in fact it is now the #1 chronic birth defect and most often caused by a combination of noise, antibiotics, viruses and genetics.

"Like breast cancer and AIDS, hearing loss needs to be out in the open and discussed freely, before people will acknowledge it and seek help," said Ms. Maguire, "a campaign like Empowerment Through Hearing can focus on the facts and get people talking about it."

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