"Listen Up!"

A Book Written by
Natalie Garibian Peters

More than one in 5 students has some form of hearing loss. This is due principally to the modern, loud technology available on the market today. Other causes include antibiotics, pain relievers, anti-immune diseases, aspirin, genetics and a simple blow to the head.

Empowerment Through Hearing, a national nonprofit created to bring hearing loss out in the open, commissioned author Natalie Garibian Peters to write a book that would reveal some of the alarming statistics about this preventable condition and make us all "Listen Up!."

The book is educational yet entertaining. Filled with graphics and amusing ‘Trivia Questions," it is written in ‘kid-speak’ and provides young readers with a rare but realistic view into how the ear works, as well as the causes and prevention of hearing loss.

"Listen Up!" also includes a storyline about two teens, Ben and Abby, and how they deal with these issues in their own way. In time, they realize that it takes ‘learning together’ to know that hearing loss doesn’t need to keep them from achieving their dreams.

“Listen Up!” has been incorporated into the curriculum of Palm Beach County schools. Copies of the book, along with professional development, is with each 8th grade teacher throughout Palm Beach County. It is an excellent step toward our goal of offering “Listen Up!” in classrooms throughout the U.S.

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