Hearing Loss Facts & Stats

Hearing Loss is a Common Problem with Common Causes:  Over 40 million Americans have a significant hearing loss.  That’s more than 1 in 5 individuals, based on a U.S. population of 270 million (Better Hearing Institute MarkeTrak VII)

Causes of Hearing Loss:  Hearing loss is not only age-related…causes are associated with excessive noise (jet engines, surround sound, high volume headsets), ototoxic drugs (including antibiotics and prescription pain relievers), certain bacterial and viral infections, autoimmune diseases, genetic disorders and a simple blow to the head.

Noise Causes Hearing Loss:  According to O.S.H.A. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), sounds at 90 decibels or above, by law, require hearing protection.  Normal Talking (55 dBA), Lawn Mower (95 dBA), Power Saw (110 dBA), Motorcycle (112 dBA), Rock concerts, headsets, car stereos and surround sound in movie theaters can climb to between 120 and 140 dBA.

Childhood Hearing Loss is a Common Problem Within Our Schools:  13 of every 100 school children have some degree of hearing loss (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association)

Hearing Loss is Often Left Untreated:  80 percent of those diagnosed with hearing loss do not seek help.  The reason is usually denial, lack of awareness or embarrassment. (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association).

Hearing Loss affects Socialization:  Studies show that it results in isolation and depression and can lead to suicide.  (National Council on Aging).

Hearing Loss affects the Health of our Newborns:  Hearing loss is the #1 chronic birth defect.  (Self Help for the Hard of Hearing Facts on Hearing Loss in Children)

Hearing Loss Costs Money:  When children are not identified and do not receive early intervention, special education for a child with hearing loss costs schools an additional $420,000 and has a lifetime cost of approximately $1 million per individual.  (Self Help for the Hard of Hearing Facts on Hearing Loss in Children).

….And More Money:  The impact of untreated hearing loss is quantified to be in excess of $100 billion annually.  At a 15% tax bracket, the cost to society could be well in excess of $18 billion annually, due to unrealized taxes. (Better Hearing Institute survey, “Impact of Untreated Hearing Loss on Household Income, August 2005)

Baby Boomers : Studies show that 1 in 6 Boomers have a significant hearing loss. (Better Hearing Institute MarkeTrak Survey 2004)